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Hot and Beautiful


Beautiful Readers,

It has been all too long since I wrote, but things have been especially nutty both personally and professionally lately. We have been very busy meeting new folks with a huge range of awesome talents, so that Beautiful Fitness can begin to offer a significantly increased range of services. I don’t want to reveal too much just now about the direction we’re heading in, but I have spent the past few weeks interviewing stand-up comediennes, massage therapists (I have a very difficult job, right?),  and tailors and seamstresses, some of whom are so good, frankly, that they intimidate me with the roster of high end designers that they have done work for.

It has also been one of those periods, where life’s s personal demands have been piled so high that, not once, have I felt that I really had the time to exercise properly in the past month. And, it’s hot outside. Really hot. To make matters worse, I really don’t like the feel of air conditioning, and try to avoid it as often as possible, so my apartment is often sweltering.

Throughout this period, however, by perseverance alone, I have managed to get some exercise in, at least a few times a week. And, while it has not been a delight every time–I do find that it actually does a lot to alleviate summertime lethargy.

Something that I find really helps with motivation, is to keep exercise equipment littered around the living room. Yes, it’s messy, and takes up some of my precious NYC real estate, but my living room is often part gym. Especially on hot summer days, there are times when the only thing that can get me to exercise at all, is the guilt I feel when I look over at the weights carving a groove into the carpet.

My typical set up includes some eight or ten pound weights, a yoga mat, the ubiquitous fitness ball that travels around my house, and gets underfoot like a bright green pet, a weighted ball, and a bunch of fitness bands. This motley set of fitness gear strikes me as the perfect, versatile, easily tucked away in the corner, home workout, kit.

Even if you do not want a pile of weights in your living room, I strongly rec commend (especially, in this hot summer weather, when many people are lacking motivation), that you consider just leaving one piece of equipment out for awhile, in a conspicuous place. Fitness stuff is not so unsightly ( a little latex never ruined anyone’s decor) and you can do it in the same spirit that kids leave their toys out–to make sure that you will remember to play with it the next day. In clear view, your fitness stuff will attract you in a way that, in the closet, it would never get the same attention.

At first, leaving the exercise stuff out, made me uncomfortable. I felt guilty about not picking up after myself. But, in my opinion, one of the great privileges of adulthood is that you can arrange your lifestyle (and your living room) however you want, so finally the equipment stayed put. In fact, keeping exercise equipment in the closet, really doesn’t make a lot of sense if you want to use it regularly. It’s like keeping your toaster, in the closet, whenever you aren’t making toast.

So while you languish in the apartment, waiting for cooler weather, consider pulling that rowing machine, trampoline, fitness ball or rubber tubing, out of the closet, and enjoy the opportunity to play a bit more this summer.