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Super chocolate


Beautiful Readers,

Ever wished that something you like, that isn’t particularly good for you, somehow, magically, became a healthy treat? Take smoking. If I knew that smoking was alright, I would do it all the time, and if it was good for you, I would do it night and day.

Fortunately, there appear to be a few things in the universe handed straight to the human race by God him or herself to make our lives more complete, with no strings attached. And one of them, apparently, is chocolate.

For those of you who don’t know, chocolate is full of antioxidants. These are little organic fellows who’s job it is to hook up with free radicals, and deactivate them. Free-radicals, are the drop outs from the school of  cellular metabolism, and they are content to hang around your body sullying your otherwise healthy cells.

Enter chocolate. OK, OK, truth be told, a lot of other things have plenty of anti-oxidants too. Red wine, broccoli, and tea, to name a few, and, frankly, you need so many anti-oxidants pulling for you in order to make a dent in the destructive power of free-radicals, that eating a little Lindt every now and then is not going to save you. And yet somehow, chocolate as a dietary supplement seems a perfect addition to America’s new fascination with fun and easy health boosters. 

Add to that the new American taste for bittersweet instead of milk chocolate, the sexy European panache of fine chocolate, the exotic South and Central American origin of cocoa, the long history of the bean itsself, and the light caffeine buzz that accompanies it–if any candy deserves to be hyped as a ‘health food’, even as a multi-vitamin of sorts, chocolate has my vote.

And now, Mars , Inc. is working hard to make my chocolate fantasy come true. Cocoavia,  a new product found on the shelf of Right Aid in the nutritional supplement section, is, in fact, a box of little 100 calorie individually wrapped chocolate bars with vitamins crammed into them. Scrumptious little candy bars with the nutritional content of a meal. Like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Excellent.

Now, of course, the bad news is that CocoaVia has a fair bit of saturated fat, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup compared to your less delicious multi-vitamin. Also, if you do take a multiple vitamin you may be getting way higher dosages of vitamins than you need.

But that said, the little buggers sure were tasty, and I believe that it may be good to space your vitamins out a little throughout the day (like water-soluble ones), and after my first little binge with the entire box, I am finding that the portion sizes are just about perfect for the slow drip of chocolate I like to keep in my bloodstream at all times. So overall I would say that they are a winner, at least if you can maintain some self control.

And nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling of being told by the folksy folks at Mars that "for maximum benefit, consume two servings a day with meals as part of a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet."

Well, hell, I always want the ‘maximum benefit’ of everything, and more. And they’re part of a low fat diet too. Although, um, CocoaVia isn’t the low fat part of that diet….cause it’s high in fat… but, whatever–the chocolate tastes great, kind of like a small Dove bar (brought to you by the makers of Dove Chocolate) and I’ll sort the reality out another day. But until then, my sincere thanks to CocoaVia, for trying to make all my chocolaty dreams real, even if it means adding a little spin to the mix.


Alix Florio/Pres. Beautiful Fitness