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Beautiful Side Effects


Beautiful Readers,

In my case, family planning, would be very much a euphemism. I’m not planning any family, I’m just planning to not get pregnant, and when I decided to start taking a new fangled birth control pill called Yaz (similar to one called Yasmin) I was actually not thinking much about reproduction at all (or avoidance of it even), I was hoping for the side benefits that Yaz claims to offer. Clear skin, and less mood swings around my period.

Well, because this preaches to a limited choir of those who are considering birth contol options right now (or discussing them with friends or daughters), I’ll keep it short, but let’s just say that this particular variety of birth control pill did not agree with me–at all, and as I began to read bulletin boards, I discovered scores of other women who had had unpleasant experiences with it as well.

Unpleasant, like literally gaining a pound every other day for several weeks (yikes! gone again now), breaking out in acne that beat my teenage years in terms of its severity, headaches that got so bad I would have to stop what I was doing and lie down, blurred vision, and monster mood swings from mid month on.

It took awhile to figure out what was going on–I am no stranger to a little weight gain or moodiness, and when I’m tired my vision blurrs, but I was so unprepared for the wide range of serious side effects that this harmless seeming little pink pill might cause, it took me untill the end of the cycle (during which time you temporarily stop taking them before the next round) to realize what was going on. The moral of the story?

Well, my take on it is that one should take drugs seriously, even pretty innocuous ones like birth control, and whenever you start putting a new chemical into your body–pay careful attention to what might be going on there for awhile. Now, in this case, there was no harm done…I lost weight, I apologized for the moodiness, and stopped taking the pills, but some of the posts I read from other women with similar symptoms who took longer to realized the cause, the effects of these pills caused negative reactions in their lives that were harder to remedy.

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

Fondly, Alix

Beautiful Progress!


Hello beautiful readers!

My apologies for the long absence. We have been whipping up the new web site all year and the blog just kind of got away. My new commitment to whomever might read this thing is that I will try to  keep it up from now on. Regularly. With our new delightful website and our bizarre and exciting new souped up world of service offerings, God knows, someone might actually read this.

So this first post has to be about the business. I promise the next few will be about something more juicy like hairdos, or exercise, or handbags (now that I think about it, I would love to write about the strange world of normally sensible women dropping thousands of dollars on handbags((yes, yes, I have done it and it felt a little like eating a whole box of oreos–you sit back afterward, think it all through, and wonder what you were really hoping to get from the experience)).

So Beautiful Fitness is humming along. We have gone from minuscule Brooklyn-based women’s personal training outfit, to huge, e-commerce behemoth, sending Capoeira instructors and tarot card readers all around this fair city. I could not be more psyched.

But, don’t worry, we’re still quite dedicated to women’s fitness. It is my personal feeling that without getting enough exercise it is virtually impossible to feel as good as you should. But I am not a fitness nut. I think a good 3-4 times a week, cardio, strength, and flexibility, get all the body parts in, maybe learn a new trick or two (yoga is great for this, or balance training) to keep your mind engaged with your body, and you’re all set.

When we thought about our expansion originally, we considered changing the name of the company–to ‘Beautiful–something else’, and it was suggested to me by more than one smart friend that maybe I should, but in the end, I decided to keep Beautiful Fitness as is.

Fitness can mean a lot of things, and even though it generally refers to exercise these days, I think of it as very nuanced. It can mean prepared, capable, suitable, and in biology, ‘the ability to survive or successfully adapt in a given environment, and that seems about right for what we were trying to help women do here.

We decided to expand our service list when we started to realize just how busy our clients were. Here were these brilliant, successful, smart, and ambitious women, managing their lives with super-heroic ability most of the time, but they were tired, and still often felt frustrated at the end of the day that they had not been able to get certain things done.

Now, it’s true that most of them do take a certain pride (as many women do) in being able to manage everything themselves at such top speed, and that it fuels their ambition to do so, but at the same time, it also appeared that they were in need of an efficient, one-shot, valuable, easy, smart, and reliable, kind of help. And I thought Beautiful Fitness was the right place to provide that since we had been successfully doing just that with the fitness and wellness services we had offered for years.

The slogan "It’s not just fitness. It’s life." that a certain well-known NYC gym chain is promoting, gives me the willies. In my opinion, exercise provides an essential part of a well rounded life, but I like the rounded part too. Given the intense, intellectual, work, family, and spiritual, lives of all of our clients, I’d have a hard time saying that our one little corner (albeit, an important corner) of the world should be their ‘life’. These folks already have a life–they just want more high-quality exercise, and a few other perks, provided perfectly, at their convenience.

Apparently, they also want a massage. Our massage services have taken off like a rocket lately. Hello holiday season! We also have a superb massage therapist who can make you feel like you are floating in the proverbial lotus flower of spa advertising radiant, with a white towel wrapped around your head, and rapturous smile.

So thanks for hanging in there, and I am delighted to be back amongst you guys! Stay tuned for new tips and tricks to make your life easier and better in all different ways. Please check out our new and more exciting website at !  Tell your friends. Tell your mom. Give Beautiful Fitness’ services as a gift, and see if you can’t find something nice for yourself!

All the best and enjoy a healthy holiday season,

Alix- President/CEO Beautiful Fitness