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Beautiful Bunnies!


Beautiful Readers!

A few things. One. I have definately got a terrible case of spring fever. Do you? I am thinking of moving the whole Beautiful Fitness operation to Miami. No joke. Please comment if you think this is either a brilliant or terrible idea. Two. It is killing me to sit at my desk. Please hire beautiful fitness for anything you can think of, so that I can work from the bf helicopter.

Also, Fitness Magazine is insisting that oh so soon they will be doing a "20 days to ….(put goal here)" with us in the magazine. I have my fingers crossed. I suggested 20 days to awareness or something like that…suggesting that she work with MAster Lin, our truly awesome and remarkable Tai Chi instructor, Beth our yoga instructor par excellance, Natialia or Beth massage therapists with supernatural abilities to relax clients, and John who can teach anyone to meditate in just 2 hours at home.

So who ate three marshmellow chicks, countless jellybeans, and way too many chocolate covered almonds? We had a great easter egg hunt and played a lot of very tough badmitton. My son is a badmitton demon. I’m so proud of him. His hair gets all tossed around when he plays. My daughter? Not so much.

Ok…that’s it kids…you have just benefitted from all the wisdom I can gather with the attention span of a six year old… oh yeah, one more thing. We are getting more focused. (You wouldn’t know it would you?) Yes it’s bye bye Texas Hold’EM (pity) and hello much more targetting of wellness and beauty services. That’s what you guys seem to want and frankly, the stuff we’re really really good at.

So while it looks as if we will be dropping a category or two (sniff.),  we are loving our new focus on the things that we do best.

Give us a call 212-380-1277

Fondly, Alix -President

Beautiful Fitness


Beautiful Behind in the Blog!


Beautiful Readers,

You know how sometimes you’re thrilled by an idea…seems like the greatest thing in the world and you can’t imagine ever not wanting to do it (hmmmm….that sounds a little like every relationship I have ever had with a man) and then suddenly a week or two goes by and you can’t fathom why you ever did it… (that sounds familiar too…) Well, whither goes the blog and I.

In other words. Sorry. I dropped the ball on the blog a little here. Call it cantankerousness due to weather that has been warm enough to make you wish it weren’t still so damn cold out.

Ok–personal updates. Trying a new approach to dieting. I have read the silliest book in the world and it is called The Skinny: What Every Woman Knows About Dieting (And Won’t Tell You) by Patricia Marx and Susan Sistrom. Selling for .21 used at Amazon. And for $2.50 at the used book store going out of business around my corner.

Anyway, this masterpiece is full of juicy tidbits about the bizarre habits of skinny (and wealthy, mostly, I gather) women in NYC and what they do to stay that way. Such as pouring Clorox on half of their food so that they don’t eat it, or living on sinus medication unneededly because it gives them the jitters which can temporarily rev a metabolism, or consciously moving around a lot during sex because it burns more calories (the regular stuff doesn’t burn as many as you might imagine).

Silly advice mostly, but funny, true, and facinating, I thought.

But The Skinny does suggest some ways of looking at weight loss that I think are really on target. There were two concepts that spoke to me most:

1. They suggested that some people are "quantity eaters" meaning that they don’t ever eat a lot all at once but that they like to "graze" nearly perpetually (you can’t see it but I am raising my hand in the air right now), and then, of course, because the portions are always so small, they often wonder how they could possibly gain any weight. (now I am keeping my hand raised and pointing at myself).

2. They propose that while yo-yo dieting and extreme dieting are never recommended, they can, in fact be preferrable to no dieting at all if you actually do need to lose weight (though the ladies they refer to in the book most certainly do not really need to lose weight) . They mention that extreme dieting (like of the approximately 800-1000 calories a day variety) has the added advantage that people tend to "stay with" their diets longer if they see results fast…and when you are really really hungry for several days, you can start to see results pretty darn fast.

So this new understanding of my love of "quantity eating" (especially attractive when you work ten feet from your fridge) coupled with a few client’s recent raves about Nu Kitchen ( a meal delivery service that is supposed to be surprisingly tasty and low in calories) has me sold on the idea that if you live on portion controlled food, for which you know the exact calorie count, you really must lose weight.

So, being unable (or perhaps unwilling), to afford the somewhat pricy Nu Kitchen regimen, I headed to Key Food to check out the frozen entree section and poured over all those weird diet brands that I have never even seen before (you know how sometimes things you aren’t interested in can seem almost completely invisible…?) and decided to go with Lean Cuisine, and Amy’s meals. I bought a bunch and I am going to give it a go.

Now, if I felt I had 60 or more pounds that I wanted to lose (as some of our clients do) I would probably cough up for the Nu Kitchen or at least try to find a program that would include all the food I would eat in a day…I can already see how, with any wiggle room away from the portion controlled packages, I could end up going way off the wagon during any "free" meals available to me.

In fact, just today, I decided that the leftover chicken/soybean dinner in my fridge was roughly the calorie count of one of the entrees I had just bought, and had some of that for lunch instead, and then had some bagel with honey, and then ate a few bites of granola, and then a cup of rice pudding with fat free whipped cream. And some almonds. And some chocolate. Way more than the 300 or so calories I would have had with Lean Cuisine. How’s that for self control. I’ll keep you apprised of the diet…

Also, as an avid online cool clothing browser, I have identified a website that is actually somewhat unique and well priced, with quite a bit of real style. It is much of their clothing is a little too "hip" for me, but I was nonetheless impressed by their style and selection. Makes Shopbop or Revolve Clothing look like The Gap.

So you can see it has been a very deep couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading,


President-Beautiful Fitness