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Bias in the Bra Shop


Beautiful Readers,

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the warm weather (or succeeding at avoiding it if you don’t like it) I’ll be quick on this weeks post–very busy time around here…we are in the process of renovating the website (yes, again) so that it is easier to navigate, we are going to be talking to Fitness Magazine again about some kind of goal-related article (Lose 3 Inches in 2 Weeks, Learn to meditate in 24 hours…kind of thing), I’m considering awriting a book proposal, and though most of the folks who like to do business with us are still wearing their flip flops around in the Hamptons right around now, we are already gearing up for a very exciting Fall!

But I couldn’t resist the chance to complain about a bit of social neglect that I recently encountered in my limited corner of the world–The Victoria’s Secret in the Atlantic Center Mall (downtown Brooklyn) has abolutely no images of black women in it–whereas I would guess that something like 95% of their clientelle is African American. Now without being African American myself, I guess I can’t be absolutely certain that this is as offensive (or just plain irritating and offputting) as I think it might be. But I have to say–once I noticed that all the provocative black and white photos of women in lingerie-clearly intended to provide a sense of fantasy and sexiness to the place,were of women who were white, whereas the women lining up at the counter were African American, I really couldn’t get over the incongruity. Or the laziness of it all.

I mean Victoria’s Secret knows who’s shopping in that store–in fact I bet they know a great deal about them-income, lifestyle preferrences, favorite bra colors and styles, so you would think that spending a bit of time adjusting the look of the store to accomodate the clientelle who spends money there would seem obvious, and frankly, not to do so seems disrespectful.

Now fortunately, Victoria’s Secret is not a place that I spend a great deal of time, but I do not believe that I will ever be shopping there again. I will also contact the manager of the store to discuss their oversight. Good grief. There were women on that line that very day who resembled the photos displayed in all but skin color.

On the lighter side of lingerie shopping though-here’s an exercise that is great for reducing what is affectionately knows as ‘back flab’. The fat that accumulates around your Scapula (shoulder blade).

Scapular Row:

Holding a fairly heavy weight (anywhere from 7 lbs-15 lbs) in your right hand,  place your left knee and left hand onto a low bench, or sofa, or chair, (knee height) so that you are like a tabletop, face down with legs and arms at 90degree angles. The right hand holding the weight hangs straight down towards the floor, and the right leg is in a standing position on the floor (the positioning is far simpler than it sounds-basically you are a table, with the left half of your body on a platform), then bend your right elbow and lift the right arm so that your elbow comes above your back and the weight is pulled along your right leg. And release. That’s one rep. Repeat 3 x 10 times on each side for a total of 30 reps per side. Be sure to remember to feel as if you are pulling the weight using your back muscles in instead of lifting it with your arm. Keep your abs engaged, and your back straight throughout the exercise. And bye bye back flab! (and have a stronger upper back too!). Just give us a call if you have any questions. 212-380-1277

All the best,   Alix – President; Beautiful Fitness

Beautiful Bike for The Best Readers Ever!


Beautiful Readers,

After much debate and deliberation the staff of Beautiful Fitness (and a handful of other friends who just couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves) have chosen a winner for our Lipton/Fuji Sponsored ‘Boy That’s a Beautiful Bike’ Contest! We don’t want to keep you in suspense so I will let you know right now…the winner of the awesome dark green Lipton branded Fuji Crosstown 2.0 Bike is

Morgan who posted:

” I used to feel the most beautiful when I’d wake up super early in the morning and go down to the lake by my parents’ house and take off all my clothes and go for a naked swim at sunrise. It was a great – and liberating – way to start the day.

I don’t live by the lake any more so I have substituted naked cleaning (when my roommates aren’t around) for naked swimming. It’s great to move around and not feel self-conscious about my body and the feeling carries over even when I put my clothes back on. Try it!”

We loved Morgan’s honesty and the simplicity of her answer. She made us all want to scrub the tub in the nude (though look out for getting detergent on some places that don’t generally come in contact with cleaning agents).

But that’s not all folks, we’re also giving away some great personal fitness sessions  in our complete 2 session Beautiful Beginnings– bf Intro to Personal Fitness personal coaching package with at-home fitness assessment, plus follow-up, session FREE! (retails $120, details at Beautiful Fitness)  to…


who commented that:

“Knowing that I know how to live richly, regardless of money, makes me feel more powerful than anything in the world! And when I feel powerful, I feel beautiful.”

We thought that the whole idea of ‘living richly’ was just great! And kudos to anyone who can separate cash from the richness of life!

Thanks to Morgan and hanamerri, we’ll be contacting you by email or if you read this post–please give us a call at 212-380-1277 to claim your prizes. And for all of you who took the time to comment, thanks for sharing your voice and adding your inspiration to us and to our readers!

Look out for more contests coming up!

Thanks again everybody, and keep reading the blog!

All the best,

Alix – Beautiful Fitness