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Beautiful Bumble and Bumble


Beautiful Readers,

Sometimes a girl's just got to get a decent haircut.

And that is especially true when that girl went once again to her local salon and paid way too little money to get her hair highlighted, telling them to "do whatever they thought was best" suggesting that "darker" might be better and ignoring the hairstylist who prior to using the dye insisted that her hair looked perfectly fine already.

And moreso if that same girl went home, looked at herself in the mirror, and squinting, thought "damn, I look 20 years older than I did this morning" and couldn't get over that feeling until she decided to take matters into her own hands. Afterall, she thought, how bad could it be, at least it will be cheap.

Then perhaps that girl went straight to Right Aid, bought the highlighter dye with the most attractive model on the box and went home to do-it-herself; "after all, I am rather artistic" she thought. And maybe that girl left the bleach on too long. And maybe ended up with a lot of yellow-orange hair. And then perhaps went to the other local salon around the corner to get it fixed by the stylist named Angie who's own hair was long in tight ringlets and displayed a rainbow of mismatched colors and prominant dark roots. 

That's the kind of girl I'm talking about who might be in need of a particularly nice haircut.

Ok– if you're finding yourself a bit annoyed by the repetitive use of "girl" by now instead of women, youre not alone–so let's move on.

So after the above debaucle–I headed straight to Bumble and Bumble on the East Side and plunked down the appropriate Bumble and Bumble money to have their star colorist Michelle look over my now straw-like and frizzy orangish-yellow do and give me her sage opinion before getting it cut by the coolist young man named Spencer. I literally almost cried as she waved her hands around my botched hair and told me all the things I had known in my heart. I should not be too blonde, kind of ashy brown, just a few bright highlights around the face, and any other combination would make me look older.

Michelle would not do anything to my hair until I had allowed it to "rest" for a month. Only then could I book an appointment. I was impressed and eagerly await my visit in September.

Spencer, with not a lot to work with, did a phenomenal job on my lackluster hair, making it look better perhaps than it had even before this nightmare with some incredible alchemy with scissors. He helped pick product and his manner was just perfect. Upbeat, professional, funny, nurturing.

This experience reminded me of  the reason I love being able to run Beautiful Fitness the way we do. Because awesome service provided with a tremendous amount of heart plus professionalism and expertise is a beautiful thing and can bring real joy to people's lives that goes well beyond the sum of the parts of the experience. I think pride in one's work and respect for the client is a terrific antidote for the factory like anonymity of the chain stores and big boxes that have taken over the New York scene.

Thanks for reading,

Alix-Beautiful Fitness