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Beautiful Back in Business


Wow. It's been a long winter. The economy tanked. Beautiful Fitness moved. We regrouped. And now we are forging ahead in this brave new world as every good company should. We're healthier, more focused, more organized, and we pay more now too.

Our company has always done great. From the beginning. Better than our wildest expectations. We quickly became a sort of industry insider darling. A gem-like find among a sea of mediocre service providers. But I'll be staight with you. We just weren't charging enough.

See, I'm a perfectionist. And a perfectionist CEO is great to have around because if they care about you and the the service you are recieving, you can be sure that they are pulling all kinds of strings in the background to make sure that everything goes your way. However, perfectionists can also be kind of demanding.

They likely want to be working with the very best staff, who show the very best results consistently, and they expect optimal performance from those people. the perfectionist encourages clients' to have high expectations, both for their own progress, and for quality of the experience they will be recieving.They want each client to feel that they have gained something valuable from each session they pay for. This experience can only be provided by folks who are the best at what they do.

The best personal fitness coaches, massage therapists, boxing instructors, or meditation instructors, are similar in some ways. They totally love what they do for a living and are great at it, but are not zealots, they care profoundly about their client's experience every time, they treat themselves and others with total respect and dignity, they show up on time, all the time, give their full focus to their job, nurture their clients through all different challenges, and are sensitive and flexible to their clients changing needs and schedules. They rock. But there are only so many of them, and we want them all.

My inner perfectionist has been set free. We're changing. And now you can come to Beautiful Fitness (just a one page right now-we're revamping the site too) and know that you will recieve the best at-home fitness and wellness services–anywhere. And given the value we provide in terms of helping you manage your daily stress, allowing you to improve your feelings about yourself, guiding you through the challenge of getting enough of the kind of exercise that will keep you looking and feeling great, and leading you towards a greater sense of wellness overall–we're an awesome value. Give us a call at 212-380-1277 and you'll get me personally on the phone, as we come back as the best.


Alix Florio      President;  Beautiful Fitness