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The New Home of Irreverent Fitness


Beautiful Readers,
Welcome to the new home of our blog. For those of you who have come to us through the site and weren’t following Irreverent Fitness before, we were formerly hosted at Typepad. But now we’re home!

Look here for all kinds of answers and commentary on things that we’re facinated by, more regular updates, and a greater focus on you, what you want, and expert advice on getting you closer to your goals in life. We’ll be handing out free and helpful strategies for staying fit, sane,and sturdy, in a challenging and exciting world!

Don’t be a stranger! Feel free to comment, write to me personally,  or give us a call at 212-380-1277 with any questions about this blog, or about any of the things we do! That’s right, free advice on the stuff we know about. Like Lucy. No sales pitch.

We always have time for what matters to you most and a huge staff of the best in the industry who love to help out. Just ask us your question, give us a day or so to get back to you, and enjoy expert advice from people who can help.

 Why are we willing to do this? Because we’re nice, we like to share, and we care about you. Really. Go on. Talk about yourself. Send us a question that would benefit from a little expert help.  Afterall, what have you got to lose? It’s confidential, free and you might like it. Great life changes often start just like that.

All the best,
Alix Florio
Beautiful Fitness