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Back on the wagon


Beautiful Readers,

For a lot of folks the sagging economy has meant a sagging bank account resulting in sagging morale and sagging everything else. Some experts think things are getting better. Some say its going to be awhile. The days are short. You may work more. You may vacation less.

But this isn’t news anymore folks. Things have been topsy turvy economically speaking for some time now. And they might be for a bit longer here- and therefore if you don’t want your waistline to follow the path of the national deficit, it may be time to give up your “temporary” freeze on exercise.

More fun to jog when you knew you’d be wearing a bikini a lot in the winter? Enjoyed your workouts more when you knew you’d be playing thousands of holes of golf or skiing the Alps? But maybe this year there’s more work and less play. So how can you get into it again when more than the economy is slumping?

Three famous and brilliant words for you. Just do it. (aw shucks, thanks, I just thought of it) No, really though. There’s a reason Nike’s ‘just do it’ slogan is so penetrating. Those three words work on you because even if you hate exercise, you know, and I know, and Nike knows, that your body doesn’t. In fact your body is really hoping you’ll get up and bop around a little right now- even as you lie there watching Cash Cab, or sitting at your desk reading this blog.

So go for it (another good three words) Or get back to it if you gave it up for awhile in honor of the flagging economic climate. And just so that you don’t have to think too hard, I’ll list some common excuses for you–and my deeply caring, yet tough love, responses to them:

Excuse #1: I work too much to have time to exercise.
Answer: Nonsense! First if you do exercise you’re likely to have more energy with which to work more effectively in the long run. Honest. Also, you are less likely to get sick. And sick equals less work. Also, studies show that people who get regular cardio get smarter. You want to be smarter now don’t you?

Seriously though– you must find a little time to get some efficient card and strength exercise, or one day soon you will wake up and discover that you have become your mom or dad.

Excuse #2: I’m out of shape and exercising makes me feel bad about myself.
Answer: Have you ever seen quite overweight or out of shape people exercise? Totally heroic right? An inspiration to us all, yes? I’m presuming that if you are older than 13 that you didn’t laugh at them huffing and puffing along. And if that was your attitude then you’ll have to change that attitude immediately to something more positive and supportive.

Exercise is like anything else in life. Sure, its more fun to do when it confirms your prowess. But prowess comes with practice and builds steadily. And exercise is not like riding a bike. You may remember how to run, and your muscles might remember too, but your accumulated fat and more lax muscle tone may say otherwise, but if you keep going, soon you’ll be running like you used to.

In other words, feel bad if you must, exercise anyway, and trust me, soon you won’t feel bad anymore.

Excuse #3: I have a great idea! I’m going to skip exercise until I have more free time and just not eat so much in the meanwhile– furthermore, who cares if I’m a little fatter than I used to be?
Answer: Don’t kid yourself. Even a few extra pounds really makes a difference to your back and your heart ( unless you were underweight to begin with). And getting started exercising again is not going to be any easier in the future than it is right now.

The secret to maintaining a healthy weight is doing your best to keep it in the zone all the time. If you find that you have veered beyond the appropriate BMI for your height- I advise you address it now before it turns into a bigger project or your back or blood pressure make catching up harder.

The sooner you get on it, the sooner you’ll be feeling better and the sooner you’ll get to enjoy the feeling that at least one part of your world is on the up and up! And who knows, sometimes when one part of your world starts to improve it lends a wanted boost to all the other parts as well!

Thanks for reading,

Alexandra Florio
President; Beautiful Fitness