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The Sublime Power of Fresh Fruit and Whatnot


Beautiful Readers,

I didn’t used to eat much fruit. The stuff was either too boring — of the apple banana pear variety, or absurdly expensive out of season. Berries that cost more than really good smoked salmon or hand painted marzipan I can’t buy without feeling tricked somehow. And berry season generally seems to last just long enough for me to realize I missed it.

And then I moved to Ditmas Park.

Ditmas park is the stuff of 1970s Mad Magazine. Ditmas avenue around the corner from my new home jangles wickedly of everyone doing something different than everyone else, each with different music in their heads, each in a different movie, all within arms distance, or a whole lot closer, to one another.

And as the romantic cliche goes: it works. In fact is works smashingly. A large hassidic population seems to play nicely with a smaller Southeast Asian population, who mixes well with the Mexican families, who do ok with the Orthodox Jews, who look a lot like the Uzbekis and Poles and Russians. As a real estate customer of mine once said of the area- the thing they all have in common? Long skirts. Well, and families. And maybe designer clothes from Century 21, and ultimately-really amazing cheap fruit and vegetables.

Like, really amazing. When I first saw the apartment we now own I was dazzled by the three enormous fruit and vegetable stands between our place and the subway just a few blocks away. I only discovered once we moved in that they are as large inside as they are outside, cheaper than any produce I have ever seen in my life, open every day of the year, 24 hours a day. We’ve been living there for two months now and not a day goes by I don’t marvel over it. It’s incredible.

The proximity of three heaven sent cheap cheap sources of fruit has literally changed our life. We buy loads of fruit of all kinds every single day on the way home from the train. Things i havent eaten fresh for years, like blackberries, no longer get doled out one at a time–i pour entire cartons of them into the blender for smoothies. Sure, we buy vegetables too, which are just as cheap and as varied as the fruit, but we always bought those, so it’s not quite as remarkable-but it as if we have entered the garden of Eden of fruit.

I am convinced we are healthier for it. I believe I cured a sinus infection a few weeks ago, primarily, with fresh cranberries in the blender. My daughter asks me to buy her fruit after school instead of candy now. When her friends come home, I pick up 2 extra boxes of strawberries which they often finish. We have gone, because of our move, from zero to a very pleasant and healthy 60.

Which maybe goes to show, if I can derive any lesson from this, as with nearly everything in life, proximity is key. I bet if you were to do a study — people who live or work close to a gym, go more often. And if you live near a reliable source of healthy food, you’ll eat better just naturally. For us, this windfall of fruit was not one of the reasons we chose to move ( it was the awesomely low price of our very nice, very large, apartment– a total all cash real estate coup as i see it) but now that we have enjoyed the equisite luxury of plentiful and affordable fruit as part of the bargain, I’m not sure I’d ever go back. if we were ever to move again, availability of good produce would factor heavily into the equation and I hear that when people move out of this neighborhood they often drive back here for groceries.

Thanks for reading,
Alexandra Florio

PS. Please contact me directly for Beautiful Fitness services or for real estate sales, rentals, and purchases with The Corcoran Group, in Manhattan and Brooklyn, on my cell at 646-269-1072. Shortly I’ll be changing the phone number on the web site over to my personal cell permanently. I never liked having a secondary office phone number. I answered calls myself the majority of the time anyway–because in this kind of business, we exist to closely support you in your very unique life goals, i believe that my personal and close connection with you and your practitioner can make your experience more enjoyable on every level, and really a company like this benefits from being high touch in every way.

My apologies to anyone who tried to reach us in the last 6 months — between the move to Ditmas and getting up to speed with The Corcoran Group I had to back away from Beautiful Fitness for a bit and only service existing customers-but our shingle is officially out again..we’re connecting with new staff, and lowering our rates to reflect the change in the economy (the top wellness practitioners in NYC are charging less for services now (it took awhile in an industry that had become a little inflated) which allows us to be more reasonable with you!). Feel free to negotiate the rates you see on our site now and look out for prices that are discounted as much as 10 percent coming very soon! And for those who have stayed with us and loyal through the shift-we can not describe our gratitude.