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Things I’m Grateful For


Beautiful Readers,

In my last blog I mentioned that you can’t process fear and gratitude at the same time. Apparently, your brain won’t let you. Therefore, I recommend that you pick your favorite one of those emotions and focus on that.

But sometimes when your dog rips up your couch and you’re sure you’ll never find a new one that fits in your apartment, or the dress you were planning to buy for weeks, suddenly isn’t in the window anymore–or something worse than either of these, arises–it can be hard to think of things to be grateful for.

Counting your blessings when you’re deep in it is an art, for sure, but if you have your list at the ready and you practice refocusing your panicky nature to things you enjoy more, I know from personal experience that you’ll get better at it.

So just to get you started, here’s my abridged list of things for which I feel grateful:

All kinds of dance classes
Living near the subway
Healthy and reasonably well adjusted children
That womens fashions have changed in such a way that I don’t have to wear a corset or girdle and that sweatpants, sneakers, and sweatshirts can be worn outside of the gym
Salsa playing out of car windows
Steel drum in the subway (far more rare now than it was in my NY childhood)
Oil painting
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Coffee (even bad coffee)
My imagination
The bond humans share of tirelessly wanting to have their world improve
Really good indie rock
Money (having some–no particular amount of it-just like the stuff overall)
People who give well meaning advice
The awesome variety of opinions and points of view about what matters in life.

Now you try!

Thanks for reading,

Alix Florio
President; beautiful fitness

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