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Punch something.

Boxing has a lot of things going for it. Great for abs, ditto for your back and arms. It also requires agility, so your legs and butt get a fine workout. And yes, it's famously good for cardio too. But it's the hitting that will delight you.

Your utterly pro boxing coach (either male or female, you decide, there are benefits to each) with not a shred of presumption about your having a heavyweight past (read: don't worry about anything), is ready to let you, let it rip. From the very first session your coach will set you up with wraps and gloves (yours to keep), and teach you all the ins and outs of great fighting.

During your one hour session you'll enjoy a terrific workout, including some of the best full body warm up exercises-ever. You'll learn to punch the right way, bob, weave, let off steam, and bathe in the flood of endorphins and the beauty of aggression when it is channeled correctly.
"Boxing is so empowering. It has improved all of my relationships."
Kasme Parker, NYC
$250 for first 1 1/2 hour session-including gloves and wraps
$165 per individual 1 1/2 hour session
$465 for 3 session package
$1450 for 10 session package