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Eastern Improvement

Like yin needs yang.

America is great in many ways--we brought the world Hollywood movies, personal computing, jazz and really good rock bands.

America is also known for 80 plus hour work weeks, coining the term 'multi-tasking', and filling any free time with more ambitious activities. Americans, however, are not known for being good at relaxing.

Eastern culture offers some excellent rememdies for whatever stress such busy, busy, national habits can cause. Now you can have the best of both worlds by taking advantage of our well priced Eastern Improvement package. Enjoy feeling more focused, more energized, more toned, and more peaceful. A perfect gift. A great introduction to Eastern techniques for beginners.

1 Feng Shui Consultation
1 Meditation
1 Massage
1 Tai Chi or Yoga class
"Beautiful Fitness has made a huge difference in my life."
Jessica Leonard, NYC
$1100 per package