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Fit Fit Fitness.

The works.

The Fit Fit Fitness package has a cute name, but it's benefits are nothing less than life changing. This ideal collection of our most potent fitness offerings was designed to provide you with real, measurable, improvements in your health and appearance efficiently and effectively. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just all the best of what we are the best at doing.

Add to that a well-priced all-inclusive package, convenient scheuduling, and the benefits of superior at-home service and we bet you'll find that Fit Fit Fitness is a perfect fit for you! (or someone you love who could use some help getting started.)

1 Fitness and mobility assessment
6 Personal coaching sessions
1 Meditation session
1 Nutritional counseling session
2 Massage therapy sessions
1 Yoga or Tai Chi session
"After a scare with my doctor, Beautiful Fitness got me doing the things I knew I should do but had been avoiding for years. You guys were knowledgeable, you listened, I learned a ton, and this experience may have literally saved my life."
Jeremy Klein, NYC
$2500 per package