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Fitness and mobility assessment

Starting out right.

If you're a first timer with us we strongly recommend you try our Complete Fitness and Mobility Assessment. This is a stand alone assessment that can provide you with a valuable benchmark to use for improving your overall health, whether or not you choose to follow up with our ongoing fitness services.

Our uniquely thourough assesment has been carefully designed by us, in conjunction with doctors and exercise specialists to gather valuable information about your fitness needs. Strength, balance, reaction time, flexibility and aerobic capacity are analyzed in great detail. Your highly qualified Assessment Coach will guide you through a series of exercises, postures, basic health tests, and a wellness questionnaire.

Then while you're relaxing after seeing where you stand in a number of important areas, your Assessment Coach will offer immediate feedback on your performance. They'll tell you both the things you're doing well and those you're doing not so well--areas you may want to improve and even topics you might discuss with your doctor. They'll answer any questions you might have, and schedule a follow up phone consultation. All in plain straightforward language.

No fitness mumbo jumbo here!

The follow up phone consultation offers you deeper results based on calculations from your assessment, and feedback from discussions we like to have about those results back at the office. Your coach will give you informed and complete feedback, and with their knowledge of your personal goals, challenges and habits, offer you the very best guidance for improving your health and fitness routine. Learn more about yourself and your body. Use the best assessment to get the greatest benefit from your workouts forever!
"Beautiful Fitness has helped me get more comfortable exercising regularly and taking better care of myself."
Dave Rosenberg, NYC
$685 per three hour fitness assessment and 1/2 hour follow up phone consultation