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Image consulting

I feel pretty.

Here's an interesting fact: Working privately with a great image consultant can make you better looking. It makes sense--if you've seen any of those make-over shows, you know that just a few hours in the hands of someone truly gifted can reap amazing results. Your Image Consultant will work intensively with you in three, two hour at-home sessions, on everything from makeup updates, to hair suggestions--colors that are becoming, textures and cuts that are more right for you, all combined with a perfect eye to help you become a more attractive version of yourself.

Your Image Consultant will arrive at your house ready to lend a spark to your look, help you understand the mystery of looking well put together, and tap into your inner fashion confidence, so you can feel right in the clothes that suit you best and show the world who you really are.

Your first two hour appointment will provide a complete Color and Style analysis, a thorough examination of the best cuts, lengths, sizes and colors that will be the basis of your look. In your second session you'll enjoy a complete Closet Analysis where you'll discover what makes your wardrobe pop and what does not, access what you love, and what you don't, and learn how to wear your favorite pieces the way they work best.

Your third session will be about shopping. At home or in the store of your choice (with advance arrangement, most fine retailers love to be part of your education, even with the understanding that you won't be purchasing at that time). You'll learn about what to look for when you shop, and where to find perfect additions to your closet at the best price. You'll discover how to assess the value of a piece before purchasing and what details to look for. Learn to work out what clothes you may need to complete a look, and learn tips and tricks for dressing stylishly and appropriately for any occasion using a few beautiful pieces you may own right now.
"I had been feeling insecure about the way I looked for awhile--I thought I could look better. And now I look great! I should have done this a long time ago."
Candice O'Sheely, NYC
$1485 for complete image consulting package
Includes 3 two hour at-home sessions and 1 hour follow up phone consultation