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Massage therapy

Relax. You're in good hands.

We believe in massage. But we only believe in really good massage and we only want you to have that kind. That's why we offer the finest at-home massage in New York. You need the powerful tranquility that can be provided by the very best massage therapists.You need to enjoy all the stress-dissolving bliss and whole-body health benefits that you deserve. You need a massage that will change your view of massages. And that's exactly what we offer.

A massage at home or in your hotel room should be easy. Our licensed, professional, prepared, and pleasant massage therapist will provide everything you need to make sure your experience is simply the best. Enjoy an hour of total relaxation in the hands of a massage artist who will take you to a better place and make your day easier.

Your therapist will arrive complete with a portable table or Shiatsu mat depending on the kind of massage you choose. Deluxe spa quality oils, respectful silence, and a no tipping policy enhance the experience, will settle your Cortisol levels and relax you for days.
"I've had two massages with Beautiful Fitness and I can honestly say they are the best I have ever had in my life. The fact that they come to my home is a big perk-I would happily pay as much and travel to a spa "
John Yopp, NYC
$250 for 1 hour complete mixed modality or requested modality at-home massage
$680 for three 1 hour massage package