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Break away.

It would be no exaggeration to say that meditation improves lives, encourages goodwill, and has been a catalyst for genius. Why not enjoy some of these benefits in your own home? Meditation offers measurable health benefits in just a few minutes a day, and with just a couple of hours and the right instructor we can help you learn to practice it yourself.

You'll find your meditation coach is one of those people who is "just good to be around." A gifted teacher whose sole purpose is to help you get to that place too.

In the first half of your session, you and your coach will talk about how to get "there" as effectively as possible. You'll discuss what you would like to gain from the experience, your choice of meditation postures, chanting vs. silence, the fundamentals of the art, and simple techniques for getting into the zone.

Then, once you've chosen your posture, you'll enjoy a 20 minute silent meditation with your coach-- putting into practice what you've learned. You'll be amazed at just how valuable 20 minutes of sweet nothing can be. Warning: meditation can be extremely addictive, and you may find yourself wanting to follow your bliss again, and again.
"Learning to meditate has been nothing short of amazing in terms of the effect it has had on my life."
Steven Cullen, NYC
$375 per 1 1/2 hour session