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Nutritional Counseling

If only an apple a day were enough.

Your nutritional counselor will be a certified dietician, who has studied the art of nutritional medicine at a graduate level and has access to the most recent and relevant research. The first hour of your session will be all about your choices, your cravings, and your habits, so be prepared to answer a thorough survey of nutritionally significant questions, that when taken as a whole, will allow your counselor to assess your personal nutritional needs accurately.

After that-- it’s off to the kitchen. Your counselor will talk you through the contents of your shelves and refrigerator (no stocking up on alfalfa sprouts or throwing out all the donuts just before they arrive, please) and make smart recommendations about substitutions that taste just as good as what you might want to eat less of, or provide vitamins or nutrients that you might need more of. You’ll be amazed by the delicious and healthy solutions on offer.
"The nutrition package helped me think about how I was eating-and why. I feel healthier and my skin looks better. I learned a ton of things I didn't know before."
Stephanie Fiallo , NYC
$450 per two-and-a-half hour consultation
$1200 for 3 session package including testing and light cooking instruction