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NYC FItness Tours

Will wonders never cease?

One day and five miles couldn’t be healthier or more fun than it is with Beautiful Fitness. Spend the afternoon with us and be amazed by the tremendous beauty and excitement that is the city of New York. The variety of wellness opportunities available in NYC is outstanding and we have selected some of the very best for you to try.

Beautiful Fitness Tour NYC

Tuesdays and Saturdays 9:30am - 4:00pm
Indulge in wellness with the complete Fitness Tour. Begin your journey at the W 81st street entrance to Central Park, then walk or jog with us through the park to 59th street. Join an all level yoga class at Exhale Spa, enjoy a delicious spa lunch, relax with a nap at Yelo Spa, and follow 5th avenue down to 14th street, Union Square, where you will participate in a fashion preview at Puma and a private tour of Paragon Sport with opportunities for special shopping at both. Learn insider tips and tricks from your guide to improve your personal wellness. Includes gift bag and coupons for spa discounts.

Beautiful Fitness Fast Track Tour NYC

Tuesday and Saturdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm
This quicker course invites you to join us for half of our complete tour. Start your journey with a nap at Yelo Spa in midtown and enjoy a walk down 5th Ave to exclusive tours at Paragon Sports and Puma.

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We are always delighted to recommend other wellness oriented activities and events in New York, to provide special discounts, and to advise on your personal fitness goals. Your guide will be a licensed professional, with expertise in fitness and in New York City.

Fitness Tour NYC
(Full day tour
with lunch)

Fitness Tour NYC Fast Track
3 hour tour