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Obesity solutions

You do not have to be fat.

At Beautiful Fitness we hate the social stigmatization of obesity. Beyond unfair, it is downright, ridiculous, and shame on anyone who propagates, encourages, or allows it.

We also know, though, that if one can move beyond the obvious psychological chaos that obesity can bring (people who identify themselves as even slightly overweight report a sense of shame about their appearance—good grief!) that there are emotionally positive, approaches to weight loss, if losing weight is called for.

Our specially trained staff for people with a BMI of 30 or over, have had real success with clients in need of a little extra help towards their fitness goals. This unique 14 session program includes two sessions with our nutritionist geared towards weight loss (see Nutritional Counseling for description of your appointments), twice a week sessions with a dedicated weight-loss specialist Personal Coach, unlimited Personal Coaching phone support for one month, two 50 minute sessions with a mental health counselor experienced at helping clients who are interested in losing weight, and two blissful 1 hour at-home sessions with our massage therapist who will perform specialized medical massage to help get your blood circulating, activate the glands that aid in weight loss, and make you feel great all over.
"This is more the kind of life I want and much more how I want to feel about myself."
Alexandra Pannell, NYC
$2850 per Obesity Solutions package

Eight specialized 1 1/2 hour Personal Coaching sessions

Two 2 1/2 hour at-home Nutritional Counselling sessions

Two 1 hour Massage Therapy sessions

Two 50 minute phone counselling sessions

One month unlimited Personal Coaching phone support