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Personal coaching

Enjoy the best personal coaching.

An unparalleled at-home personal fitness experience is at the core of everything we do. Enjoy the focused attention and intelligent approach to fitness that means the difference between average results and extraordinary ones. Every hour and fifteen minute Beautiful Fitness personal coaching session brings you closer to your goals.

After three minutes of silent meditation to help you leave your busy day behind, your coach will motivate you to do your best through a personalized one hour workout incorporating your ideal mix of strength, aerobic, and flexibility exercises efficiently targeting areas that matter to you most.

Our focus on getting you into shape in the way that will work best for you starts even before we arrive at your door. With a 30 minute phone questionnaire administered by your coach before your first session you can enjoy the benefits of our personalized approach from the start. For even greater focus on your individual fitness profile you may also try our Fitness and Mobility Assessment, available to you before your first session, or at any other time thereafter. Either way, your time with your coach will be efficient, exciting and just right for you.

"Beautiful Fitness helped me to be the person I always dreamed of."
Charlene Bergen, NYC
$155 per one and a half hour personal fitness coaching session
$725 for 5 one and a half hour personal fitness coaching package
$1350 for 10 one and a half hour personal fitness coaching package