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Pre-event Styling

Hello fairy godmother.

An event coming up and no time (or desire) to get to the salon? Why make an appointment in the usual way when you can get it done even better (and more beautifully) at home?! Save time, and benefit from the best makeup and hair styling available in NYC!

The most exclusive and brilliant stylists don’t work in hair salons dahhhhling, they work exclusively with models, celebrities, on photo shoots, and with you! Look perfect for that girls night out, get the just-right look for that important event, prep for a gala affair, get your ‘do’ done while the baby naps, and find your inner peace in your living room while you enjoy the star treatment of the best beauty in the industry, at home!

For both hair and makeup we ask that you allow at least an hour and a half even if the affair is casual. Enjoy individualized attention to your personal style, as well as suggestions you can use on your own for occasions in the future, from some of the best stylists--period. You will be dazzled by the intuitive genius of top stylists who are used to working in a variety of circumstances (read: don’t worry about a busy homelife going on around you while they work) and can be trusted to produce the very finest and most beautiful results again and again and again.
"Definately the best I have ever looked. Excellent service at home!"
Julie Saltzman, NYC
$450 for one and a half hour pre-event hair and makeup prep