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Relax Renew and Begin Again

Change is good.

Who doesn't want a serious personal transformation every now and then? Change is exciting but reaching for your personal best demands the right kind of support. With our Relax Renew and Begin Again package you can enjoy the best of a top-notch wellness and beauty staff at home, all ready to help you relax more, look better, and feel your happily grounded self, again. Enjoy your next phase of life with a rosier complexion and outlook, all at a price that will ease you gently into a new, stunningly improved, you.

1 Meditation session
3 Boxing sessions
1 Massage session
1 Nutritional counseling session
1 Pre-event Styling session
"I needed help. I wanted to make some changes but I wasn't sure I could. This package and the caring approach of the Beautiful Fitness staff really motivated me to be my confident best and do what I needed to do for myself."
Charlene Bergen, NYC
$1850 per package