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Tai Chi

Balance the opposing forces of nature.

Often referred to as an 'internal martial art', Tai Chi originated in China in the 12th century A.D. so it's been around long enough to merit some attention. Fluid movement through its ancient series of beneficial poses combines some of the best elements of traditional martial arts with active meditation. Tai Chi utilizes nearly every muscle in the body and offers solid benefits in strength, balance, agility, and mental discipline. It can be surprisingly challenging as a workout.

Your Tai Chi instructor will arrive at your home or office with a friendly and grounded manner that should put you at ease. How do we know? Because every Tai Chi instructor we have ever had the pleasure of working with has had a uniquely friendly manner that would put you at ease, which we suspect means something.

In your one hour session you will learn the movements that make up this great art--and through repetition, it's practice can have many of the same benefits as meditation. An ideal exercise for anyone looking for deep healing relaxation combined with a very real strength and flexibility building challenge.

"Tai Chi has been such a treat. I'm more flexible and calmer. I have taken classes before, but I never really understood what we were doing. Personal instruction in Tai Chi is really important."
Charlene Bergen, NYC
$155 per one hour session
$750 for five 1 hour session package
$1450 for ten 1 hour session package