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Strength is beautiful.

How did something so substantial get to be so trendy? The ancient art of yoga can bring lasting benefits to those who practice it. Enjoy one of the most comprehensive strength, flexibility, balance, and mental exercises we know.

Learn the fundamentals of yoga with proper form. Your instructor will teach a series of postures to perfectly complement your individual fitness and wellness needs and abilities. These asanas (a cool Sanskrit word for poses) will be selected just for you and taught in such a way that you should be able to practice them with confidence on your own if you wish. One hour session with light meditation at the end. Unlimited phone counselling included in packages of 10 or more sessions.
"There are so many ways to get in shape and so many things competing for your time. Getting some help to start my yoga practice at home seems to make all the other parts of my life better."
Dara Chaiken, NYC
$155 per session
$750 for five 1 hour session package
$1450 for ten 1 hour session package